We are Ollala, a design studio that loves to inspire, collaborate and create.

Agnes Bekes Ollala Design Studio
Agnes Bekes
Visual Ninja
Bence Husi Ollala Design Studio
Bence Husi
Digital Mastermind

Hi! We are Agnes and Bence, two individuals with a passion for new challanges. Not long ago we made a huge decision, packed our suitcases and moved to The Netherlands. We did it not just because of our entrepreneurial spirit, but because we wanted to be on the artery of technological development and in the heart of design culture.

Change and innovation are the ruling forces for companies. We help to adapt to the trends that will shape your business’s future.

We truly believe in the power of design. Smart design has the ability to bring people closer to your business.

We are excited to learn about you and transform your ideas into visual concepts and those concepts into business success.

We do

  • UX design

  • Web and Mobile design

  • Visual Identity Design

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Illustration

Do you have a project in mind? We are eager to sit down for a coffee with you and discuss what we can do for you!

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