A small team of creative thinkers and business professionals with a goal to create unique digital experiences that serve a purpose.

Brand identity

We find ways to engage your customers through data and research. This is our approach to create a recognisable brand identity that resonates with your target groups.

Experience design

Interacting with your product should be a bliss. We’ll dig to the bottom of it and figure out what your customers want so we can plan every stage of interaction.

Interface design

If your product lives on a screen, we are ready to turn it into a pixel perfect and delightful experience that is not just selfishly beautiful but useful too.


A great story or the perfect experience is worthless if it is not implemented with the users in mind. We write code for the web that turns intention into reality.


Technology & ICT


Banking & Finance


Travel & Tourism


Our story

We are a team with a passion for new challenges. We are adventurers, those folks who once left their daily jobs, packed a suitcase and moved to another country because we wanted to make difference. Now here we are, ready to take action… with you.

Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands we’re on the artery of technological development and in the heart of design culture. We truly believe in the power of design: in the meaningful design that has the ability to bring people closer to your business.

Agnes Bekes - Ollala Design Studio's Visual Ninja

Agnes Bekes

Visual Ninja

Bence Husi - the Digital Mastermind at Ollala Design Studio

Bence Husi

Digital Mastermind

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